new paths.

today is the first day of my yoga teacher training... and like a kid on the first day of school, i am going to pack my snacks, pencils and highlighters... and head off with hopes of learning something new and exciting. i hope the other kids like me. ;)
my life has taken some unexpected, topsy-turvy turns over the week-end and i've found myself on this rather exciting path that will take me to mid-june. i'm hopeful that it will be filled with much personal growth and expansion. i'm sure i'll have lots of treasures to blog about as a result of this sudden change in my life and i'm so happy i'll be able to share them with you all! cheers to new beginnings this wednesday morning... hooray! xo

*the above photo is of my darling sweetie - taken by candy koslen. candy and her hubby own new image photography.


  1. Anonymous3/04/2009

    That's a gorgeous photo!
    Good luck!