last night was the first class in yoga teacher training. it was a total HIGH to be with so many fabulous people as we began our journey together. our teacher, tami schneider - owner of cleveland yoga - taught an amazing 75 minute asana practice that packed the room out at about 70 people. we also had two wonderful group meditations and did some lengthy introductions that really helped me to get to know the other students. to be honest - i can hardly wait until next wednesday! we typically have saturday class too, but we're off this week. i can already feel myself growing and opening up as i gain a more yogic perspective.
while on the topic of new things/perspectives/etc. i want you all to visit cherry coloured's post from yesterday... found here. i don't have an iPhone, but if you do, then i'm sure you'll be downloading this free application right away. it's AMAZING! i loved scrolling through the photos of various countries waking up to the new day... and then going to sleep at night. how cool to be able to check your phone for what the sky looks like in the desert at any given moment??? talk about an instant global perspective!
i'll leave you with this poem titled "bound"...
cells energized
and dancing...
too much for this morning.
scanning the room for a clue.
you're not my salvation any more than your own.
this heart beating in my chest feels completely stoned.
i've never folded into such exotic difference
the way i so naturally do with you.
you're hands are heart shaped
and your breath is brand new.
you clear your throat
and speak into the microphone.
i hit the floor
and begin another war.
the life force between us -
that criss-crosess our dna
and reverberates within us like
the most dramatic of plays -
will one day
either drift off and leave us dry
or settle on in
leaving us bound and high.
ps - i found the above photo here.

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