oky doky... www.postscriptgirl.com is now off and running... sort of. it will be fully lovely'ified' within the next day or two with a new post tomorrow morning. adieu blogger!!! i'm off to wordpress land...


i'm switching to wordpress shortly and want to make everyone aware. i'll have a new url and i want you all to be able to find me. ;) i'll keep you posted.



love, love, love http://www.sproost.com/! i was turned on to it when i read this post on one of my favorite blogs, bespoke letterpess boutique. it's a style site that offers you a quiz. the quiz shows you a bunch of rooms and asks you to rate them (hate it, love it, etc.) and then at the end it tells you what your style is. i was 100% vintage modern. no wonder i always feel torn... i love clean lines and hate clutter, but also think thrifting and antiquing are too much fun!!! i'm finally justified! check it out! you can also 'create rooms' on the site by picking and choosing favorite items (couches, lamps, etc.). too, too, fun. xo

*above photos taken directly from www.sproost.com

eye to eye.

jennette and i went on a hunt for thrift store treasures yesterday that took us to the unique thrift store on lorain as well as the salvation army on euclid down-town. we also had coffee and lunch at gypsy bean & bakery (my favorite!) and visited the sweetest danielle at her store, Room Service (check out her fabulous blog here). also - strangely - i stumbled upon the coolest leather couch, that upon further examination was actually already sold... to an old friend of mine. his name was on the red sold tag. how random is that? cleveland is a small city. i considered calling him and saying, 'thanks for buying the couch i wanted!' ;) after jennette and i finished our delicious beet, fennel and goat's cheese sandwhich, we parted ways - she to teach a yoga class in independence and me to go to yoga teacher training in beachwood.
TT was wonderful and inspiring yet again. after a rockin' 75 minute asana practice (during which i sweat so much that a puddle formed around my mat...), we had several hours of group sharing and even began practice teaching the integration series to each other. at the end - just before leaving - we did an unusual meditation practice. tami had us sit, cross-legged, and facing another person. she asked us to then stop talking and quiet ourselves as we stared into that person's eyes for several minutes. as you can imagine - there were lots of giggles... but my partner and i (after smiling and giving into laughter nervously) actually calmed down and began to breathe deeply together. at one point i even felt like crying. after it was over, i asked her, 'did you feel like crying at all?' she said, 'no... but i wanted to hug you the whole time'. it was amazing. we had never even spoken two words to each other, but after 5 minutes of this meditation, we felt connected. many others had similar experiences - some were crying as they shared. what a powerful exercise! i'm constanly amazed at the growth and self-discovery we're all beginning to experience as a group - and it's only week two!!!
i hope everyone is having a wonderful week thus far... cheers and namaste. xo
*photo found here.



isn't this little latte bowl so cute??? find it here. ceramist, kim westad made it and many other darling ceramic items - all of which she sells in her etsy shop. check it out! having worked at four different coffee shops over the better part of a decade, i pretty much adore any type of mug that makes my addiction even more... addicting. ;) xo