oky doky... www.postscriptgirl.com is now off and running... sort of. it will be fully lovely'ified' within the next day or two with a new post tomorrow morning. adieu blogger!!! i'm off to wordpress land...


i'm switching to wordpress shortly and want to make everyone aware. i'll have a new url and i want you all to be able to find me. ;) i'll keep you posted.



love, love, love http://www.sproost.com/! i was turned on to it when i read this post on one of my favorite blogs, bespoke letterpess boutique. it's a style site that offers you a quiz. the quiz shows you a bunch of rooms and asks you to rate them (hate it, love it, etc.) and then at the end it tells you what your style is. i was 100% vintage modern. no wonder i always feel torn... i love clean lines and hate clutter, but also think thrifting and antiquing are too much fun!!! i'm finally justified! check it out! you can also 'create rooms' on the site by picking and choosing favorite items (couches, lamps, etc.). too, too, fun. xo

*above photos taken directly from www.sproost.com

eye to eye.

jennette and i went on a hunt for thrift store treasures yesterday that took us to the unique thrift store on lorain as well as the salvation army on euclid down-town. we also had coffee and lunch at gypsy bean & bakery (my favorite!) and visited the sweetest danielle at her store, Room Service (check out her fabulous blog here). also - strangely - i stumbled upon the coolest leather couch, that upon further examination was actually already sold... to an old friend of mine. his name was on the red sold tag. how random is that? cleveland is a small city. i considered calling him and saying, 'thanks for buying the couch i wanted!' ;) after jennette and i finished our delicious beet, fennel and goat's cheese sandwhich, we parted ways - she to teach a yoga class in independence and me to go to yoga teacher training in beachwood.
TT was wonderful and inspiring yet again. after a rockin' 75 minute asana practice (during which i sweat so much that a puddle formed around my mat...), we had several hours of group sharing and even began practice teaching the integration series to each other. at the end - just before leaving - we did an unusual meditation practice. tami had us sit, cross-legged, and facing another person. she asked us to then stop talking and quiet ourselves as we stared into that person's eyes for several minutes. as you can imagine - there were lots of giggles... but my partner and i (after smiling and giving into laughter nervously) actually calmed down and began to breathe deeply together. at one point i even felt like crying. after it was over, i asked her, 'did you feel like crying at all?' she said, 'no... but i wanted to hug you the whole time'. it was amazing. we had never even spoken two words to each other, but after 5 minutes of this meditation, we felt connected. many others had similar experiences - some were crying as they shared. what a powerful exercise! i'm constanly amazed at the growth and self-discovery we're all beginning to experience as a group - and it's only week two!!!
i hope everyone is having a wonderful week thus far... cheers and namaste. xo
*photo found here.



isn't this little latte bowl so cute??? find it here. ceramist, kim westad made it and many other darling ceramic items - all of which she sells in her etsy shop. check it out! having worked at four different coffee shops over the better part of a decade, i pretty much adore any type of mug that makes my addiction even more... addicting. ;) xo



you spoke to me with fluent words that calmed my imagination
and made my bones sit still.
your intelligence and generosity consumed my shivering fear.
you spoke into my destiny with the wisdom of my ancestors
and the insight of an oracle.
i came to you with a tea light flickering.
you blew gently on the fire and it burned brighter.
the fragrance consumed my being.
your head was covered in a scarf
and your bosom held the wisdom of the world.
small waterfalls of poetic confession
brought me to tears
after you called me, "beloved one".
like the woman with the issue of blood...
i reached out in hopes of healing
and you told me
my faith

*photo by elle moss.


sweet candy.

i made a correction on my blog titled "new paths". the photo of my darling doing yoga in cleveland was taken by the sweet candy koslen... and not jennette zimmerman (as i had previously stated). i must give credit where credit is due. i'm sorry, candy!!! candy's yoga practice inspires me and i'm so blessed to be in teacher training with her.

*candy and her husband own new image photography. the above photo is of candy doing yoga in mexico. xoxo


this week-end was chill. we had dinner with friends on friday night and went to a two-year old's birthday party on saturday afternoon (who doesn't love walking in on a darling little girl wearing a pink dress and carrying a handful of balloons???). :)
yesterday we were at CY all day. i took two yoga classes - a 75 minute class in the afternoon (next to jennette - pictured above) and another 60 minute basics class in the evening. i also finally began my yoga teacher training home-work last night which are questions from a book called "Meditation and It's Practice" by Swami Rama. so far it's excellent. it's a small book and i would highly recommend it if you're at all interested in meditation.
along with beginning my written home-work, i utilized my yoga instructor boyfriend and practiced teaching him in our family room on saturday. how lucky am i??? i have a personal tutor! i almost feel like i'm cheating. ;) he would stop me along the way and say, "you may want to say it like this..." or "don't forget to mention the alignment in child's pose" etc. it was exceptionally helpful and it has calmed my nerves for having to practice teaching the integration series to my fellow trainees on wednesday night!
i want to share with you an excerpt from Eckhart Tolle's beautiful and life-changing book, The Power of Now. please read it with an open mind. i think it will inspire you this morning.
cheers this monday to all of you lovelies out there!!! xo
"If you find it hard to enter the Now directly, start by observing the habitual tendency of your mind to want to escape from the Now. You will observe that the future is usually imagined as either better or worse than the present. If the imagined future is better, it gives you hope or pleasurable anticipation. If it is worse, it creates anxiety. Both are illusory. Through self-observation, more presence comes into your life automatically. The moment you realize you are not present, you are present. Whenever you are able to observe your mind, you are no longer trapped in it. Another factor has come in, something that is not of the mind: the witnessing presence. Be present as the watcher of your mind - of your thoughts and emotions as well as your reactions in various situations. Be at least as intererested in your reactions as in the situation or person that causes you to react. Notice also how often your attention is in the past or future. Don't judge or analyze what you observe. Watch the thought, feel the emotion, observe the reaction. don't make a personal problem out of them. You will then feel something more powerful than any of those things that you observe: the still, observing presence itself behind the content of your mind, the silent watcher."
go out and buy the book! it's full of powerful teaching... xo



i'm curious
and cocking my head
as you speak
with clarity the things i'm thinking...
and i wonder if my consciousness
can meld into yours without invasion.
with a stretch and a yawn, your phone sings
and our hearts buzz...
lit up like lanterns in the night
as church lights and neon signs
lead us forward.
my hand's on your heart and
and i'm holding back from tipping over
my full cup.
sitting on the edge of my confession and confusion,
it spills...
and my hands find their way to the mess.
like finger paints, i swirl them this way and that...
your red and my blue
create the longing of two.
i'll help you drive
and you'll help me center myself
in this spinning world where
we'll both collide
with innocent intention
into each others misconceptions.
i'm young
and so are you.
we are self-aware -
my scarf tied neatly on my neck -
your watch ticking like we're running out of time...
we are vibrating
and tired.
due-covered and reborn.

*photo found here.


friends and wine.

i've just gotten around to posting some pictures from a dinner we had over the week-end with good friends. i made ina garten's cesar salad (minus the pancetta) as well as her lasagna (substituting the sweet italian sausage for portabello mushrooms and spinach) - a completely vegetarian meal with fresh produce from the west side market. we spent the afternoon tidying up and cooking together after getting home from the market where we had coffee and wandered the various stalls ticking of the items on our grocery list. our dinner was filled with fun conversation and lots of red wine. the fire was blazing and the dessert (brought by our guests) was scrumptious!!! what more could you ask for on a saturday night? dinner with friends ranks among my favorite things in life... especially when we're giggling and sipping drinks on a chilly february night. xo



this morning i woke to six deer in the front yard! by 'morning', i actually mean 1:30 am when i could no longer pretend to be sleeping through the aweful, hacking cough that's been keeping me up the past few nights. looking out through one of the many windows in our family room, there was a small herd/flock/family (?) of deer... three of them bucks and even a baby or two... just sniffing around and nuzzling our trees. what a calming scene to witness when so rudely awakened!
the above print is from new zealander Bernadette Sipkes etsy shop, Sugarloop. a printmaker and illustrator, she has many more lovely and whimsical prints to view (and purchase!), so check them out! meanwhile... i'm going to try to get some rest. yawn...


last night was the first class in yoga teacher training. it was a total HIGH to be with so many fabulous people as we began our journey together. our teacher, tami schneider - owner of cleveland yoga - taught an amazing 75 minute asana practice that packed the room out at about 70 people. we also had two wonderful group meditations and did some lengthy introductions that really helped me to get to know the other students. to be honest - i can hardly wait until next wednesday! we typically have saturday class too, but we're off this week. i can already feel myself growing and opening up as i gain a more yogic perspective.
while on the topic of new things/perspectives/etc. i want you all to visit cherry coloured's post from yesterday... found here. i don't have an iPhone, but if you do, then i'm sure you'll be downloading this free application right away. it's AMAZING! i loved scrolling through the photos of various countries waking up to the new day... and then going to sleep at night. how cool to be able to check your phone for what the sky looks like in the desert at any given moment??? talk about an instant global perspective!
i'll leave you with this poem titled "bound"...
cells energized
and dancing...
too much for this morning.
scanning the room for a clue.
you're not my salvation any more than your own.
this heart beating in my chest feels completely stoned.
i've never folded into such exotic difference
the way i so naturally do with you.
you're hands are heart shaped
and your breath is brand new.
you clear your throat
and speak into the microphone.
i hit the floor
and begin another war.
the life force between us -
that criss-crosess our dna
and reverberates within us like
the most dramatic of plays -
will one day
either drift off and leave us dry
or settle on in
leaving us bound and high.
ps - i found the above photo here.


new paths.

today is the first day of my yoga teacher training... and like a kid on the first day of school, i am going to pack my snacks, pencils and highlighters... and head off with hopes of learning something new and exciting. i hope the other kids like me. ;)
my life has taken some unexpected, topsy-turvy turns over the week-end and i've found myself on this rather exciting path that will take me to mid-june. i'm hopeful that it will be filled with much personal growth and expansion. i'm sure i'll have lots of treasures to blog about as a result of this sudden change in my life and i'm so happy i'll be able to share them with you all! cheers to new beginnings this wednesday morning... hooray! xo

*the above photo is of my darling sweetie - taken by candy koslen. candy and her hubby own new image photography.


okay... because a few of you have requested my commentary on the bachelor last night.... HERE IT GOES... OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a royal jerk! honestly, i cannot believe this dude. he doesn't have in his entire body the character and integrity that my sweetie has in his PINKY FINGER.
ummm... "i felt it in that moment..." i believe that's a direct quote. hey, jason! i have news for you: it's not about a 'feeling' in a 'moment'. you were FEELING lust and you had no business professing LOVE!
way to go, melissa! that girl made me proud (and what a sexy dress!). she rocked it out with her head-shaking and eye rolling and swift walk out to the car. that chick is going to find herself a man worthy of her heart. jason was not it.
poor, poor molly. what is she thinking??? if i knew that my man had treated someone else's heart with such disregard... i'm sorry, but i'm not sure i could take him seriously or trust him with MY heart. could you?
wow. enough said. WOW.
p.s. - photo found here... and i'm sorry to all of you who don't watch the show. this isn't the best forum for my ranting about someone i don't even know... but... it HAD to be said. i promise to return to my more tasteful and artful postings tomorrow. just give me this moment to rant... just this once. xoxoxo