yoga and martinis.

today i'm craving a yoga class... hmmm... i'm feeling a tad bit stressed but i did wake up to home-made sour cream pancakes (made by the darlingest darling there ever was) and a rather leisurely saturday morning snuggling with the kitty and watching t.v.. also, i'm looking forward to a fun birthday celebration for my sweetie with friends tonight. we're going to the basement of pickwick and frolic. there's a fabulously swanky little martini bar there called kevin's martini bar. it's a throw-back to an l.a. loung in the fifties. we're meeting up with some of our favorite people and i'm so excited! but FIRST... yoga.
happy week-end everyone! take some time to de-stress'ify' yourself and enjoy some laughing with friends. xo

*picture taken by my sister while in floriday/christmas/2008

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