week-end adventuring.

*first three images are from reincarnation vintage design where you can meet the lovely cindy and her husband who own the place - which is open only on the week-ends for limited hours.

*my sweetie checking out an old safe at sweet lorain.
*what is it about bolts of fabric???
*the gilded 'sweet lorain' mermaid. i heart her.

*i'm not a big raddish fan, but these beauties could change my mind!

*grapefruit is my favorite!!! i have three of them tattooed on my right arm!

*mushrooms for my soup!

*view of the westside market from above on the balcony...
*i'm a sucker for religious iconography.

despite my cold (that still lingers...), my sweetie and i ran around to a few thrift/antique stores over the week-end where i picked up a fabulous pair of brown suede boots as well as a few little knicknacks for the house (including a wooden acorn plate - so cute!). during a little spree, we popped into my absolute favorite antique store - reincarnation vintage design - on loraine ave. and, as always, the displays were inspring and beautiful with many little treasures to covet.
we also popped into the westside market - which i don't typically like to do on the week-ends because it's so crowded... but it was definitely worth it as we snagged some delicious fruit at one of the stands and then enjoyed the famous falafel rolls for lunch! mmm... i even picked up three different types of mushrooms for the cream of wild mushroom soup i plan to make for dinner tonight. xo

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