i once had a dog named lux. i named her after the main character in 'the virgin suicides' (that may tell you how much of a sofia coppola fan i am... as well as how much i love the name 'lux'). anywhow... i'm already off on a bunny trail... this LUX, that i'm about to share with you, is the photography company of my darling friend and yoga teacher, jennette zimmerman. jennette is a photographer, yoga teacher, mother of six and genuinely beautiful human being in a tiny package! i'm enjoying the great pleasure of getting to know her and i wanted to share her stunning photography with you. the top portrait is of jennette herself.
in a world of trendy yogis that mistake the practice for a hot work-out, jennette understands what it means to live yoga... as a lifestyle. she is an inspiration to me. we were out recently for drinks at the wine bar on coventry, la cave du vin, and though it was our first time hanging out, we were instantly chatting and connecting in a way you cannot force. it either happens or it doesn't! she's a true kindred spirit in her philosophy of yoga, her love for family and animals (she has two darling dogs!) and also in her appreciation of all things lovely. i'm thrilled to share her with you on this friday morning.
you can check out more of jennette's photos on her website - found here. namaste, jennette!

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