birth celebration!

i'm sad to say that i'm a little sick today. my throat is scratchy and i'm a bit stuffed up. i keep joking that michael franti gave me his flu because i kissed him on the cheek just before he shared that he was sick! well... if you're going to catch the flu from someone... it might as well be michael franti!


yesterday i was so excited to go home and go 'straight to bed' but alas - i had some birthday shopping to do for my sweetie - and a cake to make once i finally arrived home. tonight we're planning on dinner at my favorite pizza place (Dewey's... try the 'green lantern' pizza - it's outstanding!) and then we're going to see the intriguing and lovely Coraline movie. i adore tim burton! :) another note... between the valentine cheescake a few days ago and this most recent chocolate ganache cake, i'm beginning to think ina garten is involved in a plot to make america chubby! chubby and very, very happy!


cheers to all on this wonderful february 19th! i'm smiling today - despite my sore throat - because i'm celebrating the birth of my sweetie. xo

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