first birth.

last night i witnessed my first birth in over three years. it was a re-connecting experience for me as i've only recently jumped back into my midwifery training after a three year hiatus for personal reasons. the beginning of january marked the re-start of my apprenticeship and i've been patiently - and sometimes not so patiently! - waiting for the first birth i would actually make in time! my expectations were low as i made the drive out to ashland yesteray afternoon. this amish mom was having baby number 12... and the midwife thought it would come fast. i had an hour and a half commute and i got lost twice - so i was half expecting to miss it, but eventually i found my destination farm and made the trip up the long, muddy drive and into the rustic, old home where i found a lovely woman and her cheerful husband laboring away... several hours after my arrival a beautiful baby girl was born and i remembered again - so potently - why i love this job. i bathed and dressed her in front of the wood stove and handed her back to her mom - who smiled and snuggled her under her chin. my heart skipped a beat and time stood still - like it always does in those fresh and holy moments after life has been given. the drive home in the dark had me feeling satisfied and complete in a way that still lingers into this morning... happy sunday to you all!

(ps - the photo above is courtesy of my dear friend, jennette - who is an amazing photographer and whom i will do a post on very soon! the photo is of one of her own little ones being held by her hubby)

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