one-a-birth, two-a-birth, three...

i feel so very blessed to have witnessed another birth this week-end... and to top it off, A. is currently at TWO births at the same time! the midwife had to transport one amish couple to the home of another amish couple - both couples in labor - because she can't be two places at once! so as i sit here at my desk, i'm feeling ever-so-slightly jealous... :) last night's birth that i attended was very quick - less than 5 hours from beginning to end. the moon was bright and their laundry was blowing on the line outside the door of the front house. i wish i could have taken my own photos to share but things were very rushed. i'm feeling quite satisfied this tuesday morning. my week-end was crazy busy, but much was accomplished.


on that note, i wanted to share a link with you to a website about the amish. after arriving home last last night, my sweetie was asking a few basic questions about the amish way of life and it prompted me to look up something that may interest more than just him. happy tuesday!!!

*photo found here.

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