yummy baby things

good morning! i want to share a couple of darling ideas i came across last night while at a pre-natal doula visit. my dear friend is my 'partner in crime' in all things midwifery/doula related. i'll call her 'a.'. :) she happens to have a lovely couple in her capable doula hands right now who happen to be a tad bit past their due date. she invited me along to a final pre-natal at their house and i'm so glad i joined her. not only were this couple a total joy to get to know... but they also had the most darling baby things!!! amongst them were a hand-knitted 'cupcake' baby rattle and cookies (sooo beyond cute!!!) and BABY leg warmers!!! i was smitten! i lurked around etsy this morning in an unsuccessful attempt to find the cupcake rattle (perhaps someone else will have better luck?). i did find some similar items that i wanted to share, however... one being the cupcake hat pictured above and the other being a version of the aforementioned leg warmers. enjoy!

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  1. Anonymous2/06/2009

    I love the leg warmers too! Emma and Carter both have some. They fit up to age 10. I made Michelle some purple leg warmers for Christmas! That hat is super cute too! I wonder if I could make it to look boyish...Maybe a chocolate cupcake!

    April xo