canadian class!

okay. last night, my favorite bachelor beauty was sent home!!! jillian harris - from vancouver, b.c. - had her heart broken by the most boring bachelor in the history of the show. seriously, this dude was kind of cool and down-to-earth when deanna was stringing him along... but NOW - i think all this bachelor'ness' has gone to his balding head and in my opinion, he's a total snooze attack. when he has nothing to say to the cutesy commentary and gushing from one of the ladies - he just leans in for a kiss. has anyone other than me noticed this??? ANYHOW - jillian totally out-classed (to use my dad's term) jason, and i hope she becomes the next bachelorette! wouldn't that be so much fun? this sweet canadian (maybe it's because i'm also canadian?!) has totally stolen my heart and i was so sad to see her drive off last night. sigh... if she's smart she'll soon recognize he wasn't meant for her anyhow. she needs someone far more adventurous and colorful who has something interesting to say in response to her mature and interesting dialogue. this show is my serious guilty pleasure... i'm not even going to apologize! ;)

photo found here.

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