i'm curious
and cocking my head
as you speak
with clarity the things i'm thinking...
and i wonder if my consciousness
can meld into yours without invasion.
with a stretch and a yawn, your phone sings
and our hearts buzz...
lit up like lanterns in the night
as church lights and neon signs
lead us forward.
my hand's on your heart and
and i'm holding back from tipping over
my full cup.
sitting on the edge of my confession and confusion,
it spills...
and my hands find their way to the mess.
like finger paints, i swirl them this way and that...
your red and my blue
create the longing of two.
i'll help you drive
and you'll help me center myself
in this spinning world where
we'll both collide
with innocent intention
into each others misconceptions.
i'm young
and so are you.
we are self-aware -
my scarf tied neatly on my neck -
your watch ticking like we're running out of time...
we are vibrating
and tired.
due-covered and reborn.

*photo found here.

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