i'll admit to waking up a little crabby this morning... last night i drove out to a birth an hour and 45 minutes away and found out the client and her husband were only comfortable with one student being present. a. was already there and had been there all day, so they said she could stay... i packed up and drove the whole way home at 11 o'clock at night! growl. moving forward we're going to need to make sure the births we attend are open to a. and i both attending BEFORE one of us drives out into the middle of nowhere. lesson learned. sigh... yesterday was friday the 13th after all!


anyhow - on a brighter and much sweeter note - i am currently waiting for a chocolate espresso cheescake to come out of the oven! i gave my sweetie a few options and he chose the cheescake, so i woke up this morning and whipped up this scrumptious smelling confection that i will shortly cover in ganache. mmm... you can check out the recipe here by the fabulous ina garten - the barefoot contessa - who is pictured above.


next on today's agenda is a trip to the mall to find something fun to wear this evening at table 45!!! i'm so excited! i hope you all have a wonderful valentine's day full of love. xo

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